About Jon

Jon Askonas is DPhil candidate in International Relations at the University of Oxford, where he is a Beinecke Scholar and a Healy Scholar. He is interested in the relationship between knowledge production/transmission and decision-making in large organizations. While he has worked on the political economy of innovation and Russian foreign policy, he is currently using the US Army as a lens on how organizations structure the thinking and innovation that goes on within them. His dissertation is entitled “The Costs of Cohesion: Legibility, Learning, and Effectiveness in the Vietnam War”, and it addresses the impact US Army rotation policy had on knowledge production, learning, and battlefield effectiveness, calling into question the predominant conclusion that individual replacement had a negative effect on the war effort. He has a BS in International Politics (summa cum laude) from Georgetown University and a MPhil(Merit) from Oxford. He has worked at the Council on Foreign Relations and the US Embassy in Moscow.