A New Start

Welcome! Six months in the making, the Askonasi (our chosen plural for all things Askonas) are finally starting a blog. It’s been a busy time since we got married last September: an incredible honeymoon in Italy, moving in together for the first time, a whirlwind month in the States, a refreshing week in Istanbul, a 101-page graduate dissertation, and much, much more. We’ve certainly faced a number of challenges in these early months of marriage, but God’s grace has been abundant and overwhelming and we have both already seen incredible transformations in the other. So, as you can see, we’ve got plenty to blog about already! As Jon so aptly described in a text to me yesterday, “We’re figuring out a beautiful life together,” and we are excited to finally have a platform on which to share it more intentionally with you all.

We hope that our family blog will help our loved ones keep tabs on us, but we’re also hoping it creates an opportunity to share the challenges and encouragements of this married life and, Lord willing, parenthood (someday). As for our personal blogs, you can expect things to work a little differently. Jon’s will likely take a more professional and/or philosophical bent from Russia to Iraq, from Heidegger to Kierkegaard, with a few musings on his beloved sous vide along the way. Meanwhile, mine will explore working from home, the wonders of my beloved England, and maybe a little bit of international trade when I’m feeling ambitious.

If there are any particular things you want to hear from us on, let us know. After all, we’re six months behind and this blog is all about keeping in touch!

And with that brief introduction, it begins…

– L